When transporting life-saving pharmaceuticals, timeliness, safety and compliance matter.

Pharmaceutical Transport

ZEP Transports vast experience and industry knowledge allows for safe, time-sensitive, and consistent quality transportation with our custom-built TCV (temperature-controlled vehicles). These TCVs can transport up to 10 pallets weighing 7,000 lbs of payload, with cold chain temperatures ranging from -20c to 30c. ZEP Transports’ proprietary temperature monitoring systems allow customers to receive temperature readouts for the complete pre/post trip. Refrigeration transportation IAD has become a centralized hub for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast pharmaceutical manufacturing GMP regions.

ZEP Transports Medical and Pharmaceutical Trucking 3
ZEP Transports Medical and Pharmaceutical Trucking 1

Temperature-Controlled CGT that patients depend on

Cell & Gene Therapy Transport

The transporting of cell and gene therapies can be complex in nature. Our 24/7 Hot Shot services with temperature monitoring guarantee all CGT transportation gets to the patient in a timely manner and is kept at the appropriate temperature throughout its journey, avoiding temperature excursions. Monitoring these high-valued temperature-controlled cells and gene pharmaceuticals has become ZEP Transports’ niche service while supporting cold chain GDP standards supporting pharmaceutical shippers, freight forwarders, or 3PL service providers.

Medicine Moving Forward

Clinical Trials Transport

Delivering clinical trials with services like DTP (direct-to-patient) is an intricate part of the GDP cold supply chain, in which ZEP Transports is a leading force in creating strategic hubs to support such initiatives. Building out our footprint to eliminate current supply chain inefficiencies has to be done with precision and tenacity. Passive and non-passive containers play an essential role in the type of shipping packaging materials that can support the various temperature ranges -20c to 30c for clinical trials, of course, not to mention that the active participant is the patient. The ultimate goal is to reduce shipping costs without compromising the clinical trials and DTP shippers. ZEP Transports has been a leader in pharmaceutical temperature-controlled trucking with its Good Distribution Practices (GDP), providing clients value-added solutions knowing all their cargo GPS and proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytic safety and quality.

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ZEP Transports Medical and Pharmaceutical Trucking 38

No matter where and when you need to ship pharmaceuticals, you can trust our team to complete your deliveries with precision & care.

Trust Transport For Your Pharmaceutical Courier Needs

Along with our company-owned fleet of climate-controlled vehicles optimized for pharmaceutical delivery, our drivers are expertly trained, and fully capable of delivering fast, efficient & safe transport of pharmaceuticals.