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Temperature Loggers

Data Logger Equipment

Record logged data to onboard memory, removable flash memory, in the cloud, or to your PC. Whether your shipments need to remain at controlled room temperature (CRT), 2 to 8°C, or frozen — your success lies in maintaining the integrity of your shipments door-to-door.

ZEP Transports monitoring systems provide continuous, real-time monitoring for your application. 

Trusted Pharmaceutical Transport Experts

Our suite of solutions is built on a foundation of saving customers time and money. From concept to execution, ZEP Transports provides the experience necessary to coordinate a customized logistics plan that meets your time-sensitive needs and exceeds your expectations.

Time-Sensitive Transport Services

Time-Sensitive Logistics, Hot Shot Delivery and Expedited Logistics are core service offerings.

On-Demand Transport Services

On-Demand courier network includes VA, NC, SC, MD, PA, OH, NJ, NY, MA, TN, FL, GA, WV, and surrounding areas.

Dedicated Route Courier Services

When your shipping needs include regular, scheduled deliveries, we have the route to meet your requirements.

Pharmaceutical Monitoring Requirements

Delivering your urgent time & temperature sensitive shipments

Temperature and humidity monitoring significantly ensures safety, quality, and potency in the pharmaceutical processing chain. However, an aspect that is sometimes understated is the importance of continued monitoring during transport and delivery.

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