GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Track and trace for pharmaceuticals allow you to pinpoint GPS locations in your supply chain.

It’s a powerful tool that no pharma transport company can do without, especially as regulations mandate track and trace capabilities and specific requirements for recording and sharing supply chain data. Track and trace for pharmaceuticals is not an option. ZEP Transports offers the industry’s most powerful track and trace solution.

Pharmaceutical GPS & Tracking

ZEP Transports offers GPS solutions for added security and peace of mind for your critical life science shipments. GPS and cellular-based devices provide real-time monitoring and tracking throughout the entire transport chain.

Time-Sensitive Transport Services

Time-Sensitive Logistics, Hot Shot Delivery and Expedited Logistics are core service offerings.

On-Demand Transport Services

On-Demand courier network includes VA, NC, SC, MD, PA, OH, NJ, NY, MA, TN, FL, GA, WV, and surrounding areas.

Dedicated Route Courier Services

When your shipping needs include regular, scheduled deliveries, we have the route to meet your requirements.

Pharmaceutical Monitoring Requirements

Monitoring & Controlling Pharmaceutical transport

Tracking of the current and historic location of your assets, with information integrated into our advanced logistics management software.

GPS Tracking for All of Your Cell &
Gene Therapy Transport Needs