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Pharmaceutical Transport

ZEP Transports vast experience and industry knowledge allows for safe, time-sensitive, and consistent quality transportation with our custom-built TCV (temperature-controlled vehicles). These TCVs can transport up to 10 pallets weighing 7,000 lbs of payload, with cold chain temperatures ranging from -20c to 30c. ZEP Transports’ proprietary temperature monitoring systems allow customers to receive temperature readouts for the complete pre/post trip. Refrigeration transportation IAD has become a centralized hub for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast pharmaceutical manufacturing GMP regions.

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Our suite of solutions is built on a foundation of saving customers time and money. From concept to execution, ZEP Transports provides the experience necessary to coordinate a customized logistics plan that meets your time-sensitive needs and exceeds your expectations.

Time-Sensitive Transport Services

Time-Sensitive Logistics, Hot Shot Delivery and Expedited Logistics are core service offerings.

On-Demand Transport Services

On-Demand courier network includes VA, NC, SC, MD, PA, OH, NJ, NY, MA, TN, FL, GA, WV, and surrounding areas.

Dedicated Route Courier Services

When your shipping needs include regular, scheduled deliveries, we have the route to meet your requirements.

Life Science Logistics

Pharmaceutical cold chain transport isn’t like any other logistics market.

The issue of temperature excursions is crucial to pharmaceutical companies since many of their products require temperature-controlled storage and distribution to maintain their efficacy and other properties. The importance of keeping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals within their prescribed ranges throughout their journey (including storage at their final destination) cannot be overstated. ZEP Transports follows all regulations and requirements to ensure a safe and secure cold supply chain transport.

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